Type of fencing

Chain Link

An unmatched structure which represents the highest level of security is chain link fence. Its wire mesh is interconnected to create a strong wall and is made of resilient metal. Choose vibrant color-covered alternatives with a variety of beautiful colours or steel chain links to get your own unique design and security.


Wood fence is a very amazing addition to your home or commercial properties, giving it a lasting and real allure that connects with nature and traditional aesthetics. Home Safe Fence takes great satisfaction in providing you with the highest level of comfort by providing an estimate for free that enables you to see how your surroundings will change. With our unmatched expertise in the field, we are the final stop for all of your wood fence needs, providing first-rate craftsmanship and remarkable quality with the aim of leaving you awestruck. Trust us to enhance the beauty and charm of wood fences in your, ensuring a healthy balance between elegance and security to enthral onlookers.


Let me introduce you to our incredible collection of vinyl fences! Prepare yourself for 2 breathtaking designs that will wow you. First off, our Solid design offers unheard-of privacy for you and your close family members, creating a quiet haven. The Open Rail option, on the other hand, emanates a fantastic sleekness that has the effect of elevating the home beauty and refinement of the one you love on a purely aesthetic level. 


Nevertheless, there could be more, even! You are freed from the constraints of hard shielding thanks to vinyl fencing’s wonderful feature of easy cleaning and almost no maintenance. With the help of our top-notch vinyl fence options, explore a world where perfection and convenience coexist.

Ornamental iron fencing or Aluminium fencing

Aluminium fencing  is both secure and beautiful. We have many styles available to suit your tastes, ranging from simple and elegant to fancy and decorative. We will consult with you to find the best style for you.

Split Rail Fences

Home Safe Fence is a recognized maker of split rail fences that priorities residential or commercial security as well as aesthetic appeal. Our professional staff creates long-lasting, great fences that blend in with any setting, providing a safe and appealing hideaway for you and your loved ones.

split rail fence
custom fence

Custom Fences

Home Safe Fence offers highly tailored fence options for outdoor spaces that are both attractive and stable. Custom fences made by our skilled specialists are perfect for your individual demands and preferences. With the help of Home Safe Fence, innovative materials, and cutting-edge techniques, experience the difference of a custom fence created just for you.

Wrought Iron Fences

To ensure the elegance and attractiveness of your property, Home Safe Fence is a manufacturer of high-quality wrought iron fences. No matter if you choose a classic or modern design, our wrought iron fences will acclimatise to your surroundings with ease, improving the overall beauty of your space. Choose Home Safe Fence for the perfect fusion of strength, sophistication, and lasting allure.

farm fence

Farm Fences

In order to meet the unique requirements and preferences of farmers, Home Safe Fence is a trustworthy resource for secure farm fences. We provide alternatives that may be customised based on the size of the farm, the kind of animals, and the surrounding area. Our strong fences guarantee long-lasting functionality and can tolerate extreme weather. 

Staining/Painting fences

For your home’s beauty and longevity, Home Safe Fence provides expert fence painting and staining services. We turn worn and boring fences into lovely, vibrant highlights using careful attention to detail and high-quality materials. Whether you’re renovating timber or protecting metal or vinyl fencing, Home Safe Fence has the expertise to deliver amazing results. Count on us for reliable and reasonably priced solutions that bring new life into your outdoor space.

paianting fence